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Darling is a place for all skaters, celebrating diversity in skateboarding and changing the way brands market to a greater audience of diverse people. Collecting responses from skaters and non-skaters through surveys and interviews, it’s clear that a majority of skate brands and skate media could be doing more to seek diversity and include more types of people. While BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, woman/femme-owned brands are rising in popularity, other skate brands stick with a smaller formula of imagery that unintentionally creates an exclusive standard to the industry. Darling challenges this idea and creates a higher standard for allies to empower our peers in a way they deserve.


Darling uses the most important aspects of allyship in products in messaging. Before any activism, the point of allyship is always to support and love people more than any hate for the oppressors. With this in mind, our first run of boards is strictly celebratory and empowering for femme, Black, LGBTQIA+, international, and disabled skaters and people. Further lines will celebrate other marginalized community members, along with boards directly challenging and calling out oppressive behaviors and normalities within skate culture.

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