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Over 2 years of working for the College of Science at Oregon State University as a graphic design intern, working with a marketing team of writers and designers on marketing collateral, photography, illustration and icon design, website migration and support, social media strategy, file and project organization, intern mentorship and training, and brand management.


One of my first projects in the office, the brief was to create a promotional item that College of Science students could put in virtually any context that's fun and lighthearted, but mainly represents the research-intensive public land-grant university, one of only two universities in the country with Land, Sea, Space and Sun Grant designations.



Curating and managing  the social media posting plan, feed, data documentation, writing captions, creating ads, design direction, and content creation. Done so through photos, video, stories, highlights, and reposts, Instagram was the main avenue, followed by adapting those graphics/content for Facebook, Twitter, and email event reminder and announcements.

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I was handed the task of managing the Instagram page summer of 2020, known as a very polarizing time for civil rights injustices and a social awakening of ethics and social justice issues. That being said, I created multiple initiatives to create positive messaging, empowering representation for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, women, and other marginalized COS Community members, collaborating with OSU departments of diversity and cultural inclusion, and sharing events to students in an interactive and highlighted manner. All done through the tools of design and social media. Along with creating graphics and promotional posts for events, COS articles, TRACE COVID-19 research, holidays, student highlights, interactive stories and other miscellaneous content.

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